Wireless Audio Transceiver (WAT). The wireless communication system consists of an audio transmitter and a set of receivers, which are ideal for international conferences requiring multi-language support, as well as for guided tours of picturesque places of tourist groups. When using this system, the guide can easily and conveniently present the place you are currently visiting to visitors with a wireless voice, without interference from other groups.

This device is ideal for people who want to use the device working on 100 transmitting channels (up to 15 working simultaneously in one place), which is the same as in the case of WAT01. The advantage of this device is the ability to work with replaceable AA batteries (2 pieces), which eliminates the need for interruptions for charging the devices.

WAT01-AA can be powered by AA batteries or Ni-MH AA rechargeable batteries. A charger case is available for charging multiple receivers at the same time. The operating time of the device on one set of batteries is about 40 hours, and charging takes only 4 hours.

There is also a fixed 1- or 4-channel transmitter that works the same way as WAT01. In addition, this device is the smallest communication system powered by AA batteries on the global market.


Parameter Value
Frequency: 794-806 MHz, 840-865 MHz
Number of channels: 100 UHF (up to 15 operating simultaneously in one place), 83 for 2.4GHz
Output power: 10 dBm
Sensitivity: -95 dBm
Range: 150 m UHF (in the open air without interference), 50-80 m for 2.4GHz
S/N ratio: >60 db
Input: microphone/audio
Output: headphones/audio (3.5 mm)
Power supply: 2 x AA batteries, 40 hours of operation
Dimensions: 75 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm
Weight: 45 g (without batteries)